Fullfield E1 Riflescopes

This American legend offers performance and value all with a 10 year warranty. Fullfield E1’s are packed with features that has made Burris famous. They provide outstanding optical quality, positive steel on steel adjustment and extremely rugged outer tubes, all at a very affordable price.

The new Ballistic Plex E1 reticle permits greater precision when firing as it allows for very easy correction not only of the vertical but now also of the horizontal point of impact misalignment. It provides a simple, uncluttered method for determining both trajectory and wind compensation..

 BURRIS FULLFIELD II                  
 3-9X40 PLEX
 3-9X40 PLEX
 3-9X40 ILL RETICLE 4 £325
 3-9X50 PLEX £340
 6.5-20X50 BALLISTIC PLEX £490

Four X Riflescopes

Deliver optical performance virtually identical to ultra-premium scopes because they have been engineered with a proprietary light-management system and precision ground optical glass that is Hi Lume multi-coated on all lens surfaces delivering extremely accurate, clear and sharp images.

The new Four X scopes offer the hunter tremendous performance and value. Optically and mechanically the Four X, in many cases, surpasses the performance of even the highest priced scopes in the world.

 BURRIS FOUR X                        
 3-12X56 ILL RETICLE 4


No more guessing yardage or fumbling with a hand held device. No more losing sight of your trophy. No more guessing holdover. The Eliminator, your hunting partner, knows exactly how far away your trophy stands and exactly what your cartridge will do. With The Eliminator, just Range, Aim, and Fire.

Starting with the field-proven and bright crystal-clear optics of the original Burris Laser Scope, The Eliminator provides a sophisticated yet very simple and accurate means of tailoring the scope’s trajectory compensation to virtually any cartridge. The Eliminator provides a listing of nearly 600 factory loaded cartridges along with a two digit drop number associated with each.

A few clicks in the set-up mode is all it takes to enter or change the drop number to perfectly match your specific cartridge’s ballistic performance.

Simply enter one of the 40 drop numbers into the Eliminator. In a split second, the Eliminator factors in the distance, the angle of the shot, and the ballistics of your cartridge, and presents a lighted dot for the perfect holdover.

Ballistics Tables Made Simple

All you need to know is the drop in inches at 500 yards when your cartridge is sighted in for 100 yards. Burris provides this ‘drop number’ for more than 600 commercial cartridges. With your drop number established, you decide if you prefer a sight-in at either 100 or 200 yards (or meters).

Programming Made Simple

1. First, push Forward Arrow (right side of scope) and then the Main Switch (left side of scope) and hold simultaneously for 6 seconds. Release the two buttons when display changes.
Push Forward Button (within 30 seconds). You are now in the set-up mode.

2. Select either (Y)ards or (M)eters, press the forward button.

3. Select if you prefer a (1) 100 Yard Sight-In Distance or (2) 200 Yard Sight-In Distance, press the forward button.

4. Select the two digit Drop Number (23 thru 63) and press the back button. You're done!

Precision Made Simple

Sight-in your gun at your selected sight-in distance of either 100 or 200 yards. Then verify point of impact by actual shooting at 500 yards. Depending on the exact ammo performance, your gun’s barrel length, the elevation, and any extreme temperatures, you might need to increase or decrease your Drop Number by a couple of digits for exacting performance.

Life Made Simple

Your programming is stored in the scope no matter the condition of your battery and it will still remember your programming with no battery at all.

The Hunt Made More Enjoyable and Successful

The Burris Eliminator Laser Scope is in a league of its own. No other riflescope combines this level of quality, technology, accuracy, simplicity, repeatability and effectiveness. It will greatly increase the distance at which you can be confident in making an ethical shot. You do the hunting and shooting, the Eliminator will do the memorizing and calculating.

 BURRIS ELIMINATOR                   
 4-12X42 £1075